Valentine's Day Couples Yoga

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Remember when you first met your partner, the excitement, the butterflies in the stomach, the anticipation before each phone call... Most couples are hustling and bustling every day, taking care of their families and work that is easy to become complacent about their relationship. 7 years ago I hosted my first couples yoga workshop. I wanted to create a space to help couples to take a break from their role of the day to day routine to re-connect with each other through yoga. Over the years the workshop has evolved into a beautiful process.

But what is the workshop really like? Well, I always bring surprises! That means no one knows exactly what we will be doing, but you can count on having a lot of fun!

There is no interaction between the couples as far as poses. You will be doing all the poses with your valentine. We set 2 mats side by side which will be your mini sanctuary. You will breathe together, do yoga poses together, do a few simple massage techniques and meditate. No experience necessary. Most of the guys have never done yoga before but once they attend their first workshop they come back year after year.

You may be interested but wondering if your parter would be up to it. Our participants always tell me that they find resistance from their partner when they first bring it up. I have seen many guys resist in the beginning as they first walk into the studio. A little bit like first day of school jitters.

The guys always motivate each other because they have been there, in that place of resistance. But once they see their partner under a whole new light, sparks fly and they let go and start enjoying the process. As the class progresses and their connection with each other deepens, they realize coming out of their comfort zone was totally worth while. There is no dinner, chocolate or champagne that can provide you and your valentine with memories of such tender moments.

I am excited to share what I have prepared for everyone this year. Hope to see you there!

Much love,


Valentine's Day workshop will be on 02/14 from 6:00-7:30pm at Energia Yoga Studio


Thanks Virna! It was great event, we enjoyed it a lot!!


Thank you for hosting the pre-Valentines Day couples yoga class last night. T. and I enjoyed it very much. We had fun and connected on a deeper level. Thank you for the photos.


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