We have created an affiliate account with LimbART. A locally own brand of amazing yoga pants! In a world of impersonal corporate brands and franchises, we believe in supporting small, local businesses. I personally met with Kara and Mike, the owners of LimbART. Mike designs the pants, which are so unique, one-of-a-kind. The pants are soft to the touch and perfect for yoga! Here is Kristen and I modeling the chakra and the all-American pants. I love that each design has a meaning and a story. It is really like observing a painting and wondering what the artist meant with each design. 

By click on this link, you will be taken to LimART site and receive 5% off if purchased through our link. 

We do receive a commission on the sales, in we which we will use to buy more equipment for the studio. 

Just copy and paste the following link to your browser. https://shoplimbart.com/energia

Limbart Yoga Pants



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